What's for dinner: a love story.


I am a list maker and proud of it!

This year I’ve been turned on to Apple Notes and I’ve got to say, it’s really changed my life. Prior to Notes, I’ve tried it all… Evernote, paper journals/planners (that I never had with me when I needed it), hundreds of tiny pieces of paper or Post-It-Notes (who would have imagined this wasn’t a good system?), and Word/Pages documents (that were less than organized). I thought I might miss marking things off a paper list but using the Notes checklist and digitally checking off the items is super rewarding.  If you have have Apple products and are interested in learning more, this YouTube video really helped me get started. If you use Microsoft, I’ve heard they have a similar product called OneNote.

Notes makes my Real Estate career more organized and efficient.

I use it for brainstorming marketing ideas, check lists for listing meetings and closings, saving important pdfs, addresses and phone numbers that I frequently share with my clients, etc. 

Lately I’ve been using Notes for my latest hobby, quarantine meal planning. I’m usually a fly by the seat of my pants dinner planner but to make sure we have the food we need for various meals, and to not have a disaster of a dinner with everyone wanting to cry, I’ve turned to Notes to keep me organized. 

In case you are burned out on your regular meals and looking for ideas, here is a glance at my list that is mostly appreciated by our kids too (so it’s not too fancy). I’d love to hear recipes or...