Go Baby, Go!

Brian Fitzgerald, Photographer

It’s a bitter-sweet week in Derby City, as the Kentucky Derby and all the festivities that go along with it are canceled. We are really missing spending time with family and friends during what is a normally event-packed week. One particular highlight we will miss is an annual Derby party we’ve attended for the past 10+ years at the home of dear friends. An amazing feature of this party is the delicious Bourbon Slush. The hosts have graciously shared the recipe with us, and it is provided here for your enjoyment.  

Bourbon Slush - makes one gallon


1 - 3oz box of strawberry Jello

1 - 12oz can frozen orange juice from concentrate (defrosted)

1/2 - 12 oz can frozen pink lemonade from concentrate (defrosted)

1/2 - 12 oz can frozen pineapple juice from concentrate (defrosted) 

Bourbon (don’t use the expensive stuff)

Prepare Jello as instructed on the box but do not chill. Pour the hot Jello mixture into a gallon container. Add the orange juice, pink lemonade and pinapple juice. Fill one of the empty concentrate cans to the brim with bourbon and add to the mixture. Mix continually. Fill the rest of the container with water. Freeze overnight. When you are ready to serve, you may add additional bourbon to taste. Garnish with a sprig of mint if you're feeling fancy!

Even though the big race is postponed until September,...