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20 Years in Real Estate

Grateful beyond words as I celebrate 20 years as a Realtor! Each transaction, each client, has been a cherished chapter in this journey. From first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors, your trust has been the bedrock of my career. Here's to two decades of rewarding connections, learning something new every day, and the joy of finding 'home'. Thank you for your continued support and all of the referrals of your friends, family, and co-workers. I simply wouldn’t be here without you, and I hope to continue to be of service to our community for the next 20 years. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your stories.


Coming Soon

Did you know "Coming Soon" is the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors MLS status that means a home is about to make its debut on the market? 

Sellers and Realtors often use this status when they are close to listing, but not quite ready. Consumers won't be able to see these properties online unless a Realtor sends it to them and no personal showings are available until the MLS status is changed to "Active." 
Want to be alerted of properties that are Coming Soon ? Let me know and I'm happy to assist. 


The itsy, bitsy spider...

Spooky season is upon us! It seems the appropriate time to talk about... brown recluse spiders. 
I spoke with a pest inspector recently who said he's found them in homes in every zip code in and around Louisville, and that used to not be the case. These spiders are attracted to piles of wood and cluttered places where they can hide before going out on the hunt for food (unlike most spiders that catch food in their webs). Though venomous they tend to not be aggressive and prefer to stay out of sight in dark places like garages, cabinets, closets and attics. But still, who wants them in your home? NO ONE!!! Word on the street is that they don't like strong smells and so eucalyptus plants or essential oils can help deter them from coming into your home. Be on the lookout and call pest control if needed.Brown recluse spiders

Ten tasks recommended for sellers prior to closing

10 Tasks

I often say selling a home is like running a marathon. Once your home is under contract you still have miles to go before you’re done. Right before you hand over the keys to the new owner at closing, keep in mind these important steps needed for a smooth transition:
✅ Gather all manuals, receipts and warranties for the new owners and leave them behind in the kitchen
✅ Make sure brand new and appropriate smoke detectors are installed in designated areas (per the contract terms for Jefferson County
✅ Gather all keys and remote controls for the home and bring...

Tips for preparing your house to sell this Fall

Selling your home in the Fall

The leaves are starting to show color and there’s a briskness in the morning air - Fall is here! If you are considering selling in the Autumn months, here are a few tips for preparing your home for the market.


  • Keep up with the falling leaves - too many leaves on the ground convey a high-maintenance yard
  • Blow or sweep leaves from decks and walkways before photos/vidoes and all showings
  • Freshen up your landscape with mums/seasonal flowers and fresh mulch
  • Don’t overdo any seasonal decorations. Simplicity is best (although not as much fun!)


Shorter days mean potential showings during dark hours:

  • Open blinds and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs and make sure all bulbs in a room match with warmth and intensity
  • Add floor and table lamps where needed
  • Make sure your outdoor lighting is in working order -consider solar outdoor lights to illuminate walkways


  • Consider having your furnace professionally serviced to confirm it is functioning well
  • Swap out the filter to help prevent smells and dust when the furnace turns on
  • If you have a functioning fireplace,...

Final Walk Through

Final Walk Through

As part of the home buying process, an important step is the final walk-through: taking a last look at the home prior to closing. It’s an important step to ensure the home is in as good or better shape than the last time you saw it and broom clean before the purchase. The period prior to closing can be a hectic time and it is easy to overlook certain items. Here are a few things to look for as you conduct your final walk-through:

Are all the items included in the contract present (appliances, fixtures, window treatments, etc.)?
Are all negotiated repairs complete and to the standard of the terms of the contract?
Have there been any unexpected changes made to the property since the last time you saw it?
Does the water run and is the hot water working?
Have all personal items been removed and all debris cleaned?
Is the HVAC system working properly?
Are all garage door openers present?
Are appliance instructions and warranties on hand?
In Jefferson County, have the correct smoke detectors been added?

Should there be issues that arise as a result of your final walk-through, your trusted Realtor will communicate, negotiate and problem solve with the sellers’ representation in an effort to arrive at a successful closing.


So much progress

Progress Park, Louisville

Progress Park, an Airstream resort and event venue, has become such a beautiful destination in our city! Tim and I attended a fabulous birthday party (thunderstorms and all there this past weekend. We happened to represent the sellers of this 12 acre property when it was sold back in 2019 and are always AMAZED by the gorgeous and creative transformation the new owners have made. If you are looking for a space for an event or a stay-cation, check out Progress Park: https://www.progressparkky.com/


Survey says...


Surveys can be a vital part of a buyer’s due diligence process. A buyer has the option to order and purchase a survey to inform themselves of the lot size, boundaries, the potential for encroachments of buildings and other improvements over property lines, building setback lines, easements, etc.

Though it is not required, a survey can provide peace of mind as you make a big purchasing decision. If you have questions about surveys or the real estate buying process over-all, give me a call! 502-797-4401


Location, location, location!

Location, location, location
We all know how important "Location, Location, Location" is but how do you best decide where to live, especially if you're new to the Louisville area? Here are five factors to consider when choosing whereto live:
  • ACCESSIBILITY - How long will it take you to get to work? Is there a grocery store nearby? How close are hospitals, schools, major highways, your relatives, public transportation or anything else that is important to you?
  • ENVIRONMENT - Are there any loud noises or any other environmental concerns to be aware of? Are there any new commercial or residential developments planned nearby? Be sure to visit the neighborhood, both day and night to see and hear what the surroundings are like.
  • AFFORDABILITY - Are there HOA fees that will add to your monthly expenses? Special municipal taxes? Are the property values in the neighborhood on the rise, steady or decreasing and do they align with your financial goals?
  • CULTURE - Are you in close proximity to the restaurants, shopping and/or church you plan to visit frequently? Are there HOA rules and regulations that you need to be...

Greater Return on Investment

Greater ROI

Every buyer wants a deal, right? But when you're on the selling side, you want to make as much money as possible. If it’s time to sell and you're receiving offers before your home is listed, I highly recommend contacting a trusted and experienced Realtor. 

In a recent transaction we used the following approach and helped our clients earn $100K above offers that were made prior to listing. Seriously! A trusted Realtor can guide you to maximize your sales potential and, most often, put more money in your pocket by: 

  • Creating a thorough list of items to address inside and outside your home to prepare for photos and listing.
  • Researching and presenting a comprehensive price analysis of what your home could sell for prior to doing the "to do list" and then after completing the "to do list.”
  • Providing contacts for reliable junk removal companies, handymen, roofers, painters, movers and other professionals who can help you accomplish your "to do list.”
  • Updating and communicating how current trends are affecting the market value of your home, up until the time comes to list.
  • Marketing your property in the best possible light to attract a wide range of ready, willing and able buyers.
  • Guiding you through offers and the due diligence period all the way to a successful closing/sale of your home.

Have a property you're considering selling and not sure where to start? Let's chat! 502-797-4401


Condo vs House

Through the years, we’ve had many clients with a need to downsize/rightsize and they often weigh pros and cons of condo vs. single family house. A condo may be a good option based on your needs - they can sometimes be more affordable, you do not have to worry in many cases about taking care of a yard or the exterior, you may not have as many concerns about leaving it for periods of time, and you may have more amenities to take advantage of such as a community pool, a gym or a clubhouse. What is important to consider is the additional monthly HOA costs, potential assessments for repairs or upgrades to common areas, and restrictions that may arise with parking, pets, the ability to rent the unit or not, etc. If you are thinking about condos and need help weighing your options, feel free to give me a call. Together we can sort out your wants and needs to see what makes the best sense for your situation